XOBrainer – English


In XOBrainer you flex your brain muscles to win!
The object of the game is to get 5-in-a-row in either shape or colour. It sounds simple, but you have to think two-dimensionally and use, not only your own pieces but also your opponent’s pieces to get 5-in-a-row. When you achieve 5-in-a-row you earn a number of points based on the placement of the row on the gameboard. You win the game when you’ve earned enough points or by being ingenius and winning by KnockOut!

Compete one-on-one og team vs. team. Game variations from 5-60 minutes.

XOBrainer WebApp
Enchance gameplay experience by using the free XOBrainer WebApp, available on your smartphone or tablet.

Extra challenging with game variations
Add extra pressure with a time limit, play with randomly selected pieces, perform a mission or start the game with a certain line-up on the gameboard by adding one or more of the included game variations; TimeBomb, Random, TimeBalance, Mission, Map or Trap.

Also available in a  version for red/green color blindness. Just make a note on your order if you’d like this version.

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